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danish koldskäl

New York in the summer can be a special kind of miserable place, like the setting for a Kafka novel or perhaps Dante's inspiration for one of the outer circles of hell.  Tourists crowd the city so that even the simplest of walks manages to conjure visions of oneself as an embattled Mufasa. 

Cement radiates heat.  You will occasionally feel a drop of water, and then you will fervently hope that it is from an AC unit and not the off-spray of the balding overweight man wiping his sweat-streaked forehead next to you.

On days like these, it can be hard to eat, despite often being incredibly hungry. And so, I am stuck in a weird limbo, embroiled in an emotion that deserves its own catchy name that probably exists in German.

In those cases, this meal is honestly perfect.  It is a Danish dish, literally meaning "cold bowl," in which buttermilk is slightly sweetened to make it into a sort of nice soup.  It can be served for breakfast or dinner, but is generally eaten at lunch on the few days each decade in which Denmark is hot.  

Of course, this is a cheater's method.   I wanted something easy, where I didn't have to run around looking for pasteurized eggs (most recipes require raw egg yolks) or turn on my oven to bake the authentic biscuit (called Kammerjunker, which Google Translate incorrectly defines as "chamber jerk" 😂)

So, if you're looking for a perfect meal on a hot muggy day, try this cheater's Danish Koldskål.

Danish Koldskål

Serves: 2

Total Time: 3 minutes


1 3/4 cups of Buttermilk

1/4 cup 2% Greek Yogurt

Nilla Wafers (Mini or regular)

3-4 tbsp sugar (to taste)

1/2 tsp vanilla


1.) Pour the buttermilk, greek yogurt, sugar, and vanilla in a mason jar.  Standard size *just* fits everything, but I generally try to use a larger one.

2.) Shake the jar, mixing everything together.  

3.)  Pour into two bowls, and top with as many wafers as you would like.  Feel refreshed and healthy.  😎


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