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the (semi) weekly article roundup, vol. xi

Here are a few of interesting articles that I have come across, either while procrastinating instead of doing work or as part of my research for my job. Some are about culture, some are about the economy, and some are just plain silly -- but I hope that all provide some interest and insight into society.

Is your night light making you fat? Perhaps. Some studies are suggesting that artificial light is messing up our natural metabolism. I always find it fascinating to think about how much human life changed after the development of electric light, and this might be another unintended consequence.

Slightly related is the bizarre history of how women used electric light as a fashion statement. Read about it here. One of the most famous examples of this is the dress worn by Alva Vanderbilt at the ball that changed New York society. She dressed as an "electric light" and even had a battery sewn in her dress. The dress really reminds me of Blake Lively's gown from this year's Met Gala.

The reign of prestige television might be coming to an end. The market for media is so oversaturated that the millions put into television shows might not be worth it as an investment -- and the question remains what will take its place in the future (via Inside Hook).

This student created a robot that detects when you're procrastinating instead of studying. Ironically, he confessed that he developed the device while procrastinating.

A new study has suggested that cancer spreads more quickly when patients are sleeping. Hopefully, this research will help scientists figure out new methods how how to fight the disease -- and it has already started to change guidelines about when is best to test for cancer presence.


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