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weekly article roundup, vol. iii

Some interesting articles I stumbled across this week:

"Adulting" is officially real. Science is beginning to show that people don't actually become adults until they hit their 30s. In other words, struggling to act grown up while in your 20s and even early 30s is a lot more justified.

Though science is just beginning to figure out when you've officially matured, artificial intelligence has pretty much figured out when you're probably going to die. Read this creepy article to learn just how accurate new technology in estimating your departure from this life.

Just as creepy? The fact that scientists are beginning to learn about the "state between consciousness and death." A Vice article detailed the fact that doctors believe that around 40 percent of patients in so-called vegetative states are misdiagnosed. Also growing is the number of patients who come out of comas alive, claiming that they were aware of their surroundings the whole time. Their stories are incredible.

Moving from mind to matter, a fun fact is that when the dinosaurs roamed the earth, a day was probably just 23 hours instead of the 24 hours that have today.

Last but not least is another piece more light-hearted fare by Business Insider on the rise and fall of what used to be one of my favorite shops in the world -- J. Crew.


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