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weekly article roundup, vol. iv

What’s in the roundup for this week?  The scientific probably of fulfilling your own It Takes Two fantasy, spy stories that come straight out of Bond, coupled with terrifying villains that are somehow defeated by protagonists much less impressive than Bond.  Still looking for some mystery? Read about a mysterious disease that's making elephants drop dead.

1.)  Have you seen the heard of the new phenomenon of Twin Strangers?  The website is quickly gaining is name and popularity.  Now, scientists say that as mind-blowing that it is that you have an identical stranger, the odds are in your favor.   There are only so and so many genes to go around, after all!

2.)  With everyone stuck in a mixed state of boredom and anxiety (thanks, lockdown!), it’s little surprise that some people are digging up old memories of the Cold War.  Here’s a great story of a man and a poisonous umbrella.

3.) Hundreds of elephants are mysteriously dying in Botswana. Scientists are rushing to try and figure out why.

4.)  Can’t get up in the mornings, despite a full eight hours?  It may be because you’re in the middle of a REM cycle.  Here’s an online clock to help calculate when you should be setting that alarm for optimized snoozing.

5.)  And the very best for last. The name of this article says it all: 7 Badass Cartoon Villains Who Lost to Idiotic Heroes.  I still laugh every time I read it.


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