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Welcome to this little corner of the internet. Bon mette hopes to be a place that merges the cute with the clever to brighten up any hum-drum day.

who are you?

I am a twenty-something writer living in New York City.  Second homes include Boston and Copenhagen. 

what does bon mette mean?

It's a play on the French expression "bon mot" which means a witticism (literally: good word).  It wasn't the strongest pun on my extremely thorough AWESOME BLOG NAME IDEAS list, but the moment it came, I got the feeling of peace & finality described by expectant parents on baby naming boards.  Thus, bon mette was born.

What kind of a name is mette?

It is a Scandinavian (and German) name pronounced mett - a. 

so how do you pronounce bon mette?

Bon - met. Puns 100% take priority over my name's pronunciation.

wait, so what is this blog?

A sort of food/diy/rambling misc. scrapbook that I can share with friends and other people around the web.  At present, I have hundreds of notes, ideas, pictures, writings, etc. that are collected in a 12+ year old binder that I had creatively titled "iLife."  The clippings of everything I've saved--from real estate clippings to wedding magazines from 2004--date back even longer.  I needed to modernize. 


Also, don't ask why 13-year-old me had wedding magazines.  I was admittedly extra as a child.

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