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diy patterned knobs

It seems like the key to about 99% of all Ikea hacks is to repaint and change the knobs. This is a Rast dresser, which cost about $40. Though this low price should have encouraged me to splurge on some pretty Anthropologie knobs, I thought that I could perhaps do it on a budget. And I think it came out really well!

The best part is that it is simple, cheap, and relatively easy for a really nice result. Otherwise known as the most satisfying kind of DIY.


Time: 30 minutes + 1 day wait time

Cost: $5.00


  • Wood knobs, painted white

  • Inkjet printout of desired pattern

  • Mod Podge

  • Gloss Varnish


1.) Choose a pattern that you like. I googled tile and mosaic art and found a pretty one that fit my color scheme.

2.) Edit the pattern in Photoshop or an online resource so that it fits the general size of your knob--I did it as squares where the sides were the measurements of the knob diameter. If your pattern is not symmetrical, make sure to flip it to get the mirror image.

3.) Print using a laser jet printer. I went to Staples, where it cost around $0.60 for the one page.

4.) Cut out the printed squares.

5.) Apply a coat of Mod Podge to the printed squares, then gently wrap the square around the knobs.

6.) Wait at least 24 hours for the glue to dry. DO NOT SKIP THIS STEP. Do not assume that 18 hours is "good enough." It isn't. I speak from experience.

7.) Once the paper is dry, gently wet it with lukewarm water. Taking a sponge, slightly scrape away the paper. The pattern should remain.

8.) Let these knobs dry. You might have to repeat the sponge process.

9.) Once complete, apply a coat of polyurethane gloss varnish. Let dry.

10.) Return the knobs to your dresser and enjoy!

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