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the best morning routine, according to science

The science shows that almost all successful people have a specific morning routine.  Summarized from this awesome blog, below is a list of the 5 things to do right after hitting that alarm clock (minus a snooze or two).  After all, isn’t life better when your to-do list is almost crossed out by 10:30am?

Tricks of the trade:

1.) Get Up Early before the Insanity Starts. Distractions -- which include emails and texts -- wear down at your energy and focus. It's best to stay in your little bubble to do number #2 👇

2.) Prioritize.  Figure out 3 big goals that you want to accomplish, and make them as specific as possible. "Lose weight" is a vague goal. Run a mile in under 7 minutes is much more specific. Put some thought into these three goals.  Research shows that most people get 80% of good results from just 20% of the work they do. So now determine what three goals are in that 20%.

3.) Take Advantage of Productivity.   Studies have shown that you are most productive an hour or two after you wake up.  There’s even a fancy little chart accompanying the article: 

This period lasts for about three hours, and as much as 80% of work is accomplished in that period.  That means that you need to take advantage of when your brain is ready to get stuff done.  In other words, don’t surf your favorite fashion or celebrity gossip blog in bed for the first half hour after your alarm rings (my guilty habit).  Save it for later!

4.) Create Pavlovian Rituals. Some people have exercise classes.  Some people rely on a Starbucks run.  Whatever it may be, creating a ritual makes you more effective.

5.) Procrastination Isn’t Always Bad.  Yeah, it's better to focus on the big stuff, but sometimes there's just a day where your brain won't cooperate. If that happens, you can try building up motivation with baby steps called “positive procrastination.”  What is that?  Basically doing the little stuff, like sweeping the floor or paying a bill.  Though menial, it can help you feel like you’re accomplishing something and start to turn the wheels of a more productive mood.

Tl;dr?  Basically start with the day with a habit and no outside demands, focus on your goals, set aside three hours to finish those goals.  If you can’t, at least complete the little stuff until you feel up for the big guns.


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