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A place where I try to keep myself accountable for my goals from the past week and plan new ones for the next. Please feel free to add your own goals in the comments! There's something about putting things on paper and published online that makes it seem more real versus vague ideas in your head.


Listening to - "As It Was" by Harry Styles

Reading - "Mornings on Horseback" by David McCullough

Wearing - Wasn't a fan of Few Moda overall, but their Cara dress is so comfortable.

Eating - Red's Favorite Schnitzel from Half Baked Harvest (in her second cookbook). It was such a tasty and easy recipe!

Goals for next week:

-Genuinely begin looking for a new job. I know there are jobs out there that would be much more fulfilling than the one I have now, and I should put more effort into making that happen. My hope is to send out 3 resumes.

-Contact a bunch of friends. Sometimes anxiety and negative thoughts can prevent me from hitting that send button. This needs to stop.

-Write at least 2,000 words in my novel

-Make a pavlova.

-Do 100 crunches or glute bridges each day.


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