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diy cane coasters

One of my biggest pet peeves is when drinks "sweat" during the summer, and leave puddles of condensation on coasters. Marble or ceramic coasters are useless for this, with water often spilling over the sides onto the very wood tables they're supposed to protect. Even fabric coasters have their flaws, as water sometimes leaves them soggy.

Cork coasters seem to be the best for this frustrating scenario, and so I thought I would come up with a way to spruce them up in a way other than painting them. I relied on gold cane webbing and leather, and the result was a mix between a Northeastern preppy aesthetic with an almost Gatsby-esque vibe. I hope you like the final product as much as I do!



  • glue gun

  • cork

  • permanent marker

  • scissors

  • cane webbing (like this, available at many hardware stores)

  • gold spray paint (optional)

  • leather trim

  • mug


  1. Spray paint your cane webbing to the desired color. You can also leave this in its natural shade; I just thought gold would pop. Let dry for several hours, or overnight.

  2. Use a mug and trace around circles onto the cork using a marker. Don't make make the circle too close to the rim of the mug; rather, place the marker parallel to the mug so that you have some extra room at the sides.

  3. Using your scissors, cut out the circles from the cork. Then, place the cane webbing over the trim so that it fits.

  4. Hot glue the cane webbing to the cork, using glue in the "solid" areas so that it is not visible at the openings.

  5. Last but not least, add a leather trim around the edge to cover up any excess.

  6. Enjoy!

The process:

The result:


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