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diy detachable jean cuff

Want to spruce up an outfit but don't have the closet space or funds to purchase something new? This is the craft for you.

Take some cute fringe, ribbon, or trim and some hot glue and clip-on earring backs and you've got yourself a fun little 24 hour change-up.

Needed Materials:

  • Choice of trim, fringe, or ribbons

  • Hot glue gun

  • Clip on earring backs

  • Scissors


  1. Figure out your design. I soon settled on having the pink trim on top, followed by the aqua pom-poms and beige fringe.

  2. Loosely measure your trim around the cuff of your pants. The key word is loose, because you should give yourself some extra cushion and then trim it down later.

  3. Plug in the hot glue gun, and start glueing your pieces together.

  4. When you've finished the strip, see if you can fit your foot through it if you make a circle. For the one I made in the pictures, it was too small so I did not glue the ends together (or rather, I did and then had to cut it afterwards). However, a cuff I made just of the beige fringe was stretchy enough for me to fit over my foot. Glueing the ends together is not necessary, but I did like the snugger fit of the circle.

  5. Properly measure and cut the cuff so that it fits around your hem.

  6. Hot glue the snap on earring backs to the cuff.

  7. Let dry.

  8. Open the earring backs and then firmly clip onto the hem of your pants. Look cute, and enjoy.


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