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literary artwork freebie, vol. i

Everyone has their favorite book titles, and I confess that a majority of mine fall under the authorship of F. Scott Fitzgerald. I mean The Great Gatsby, This Side of Paradise, A Diamond As Big As The Ritz, and -- favorite -- Flappers and Philosophers. All so catchy and moving and endearing (though, I suppose, in fairness This Side of Paradise should probably be credited to Rupert Brooke. Ah well).

In honor of the upcoming autumnal months -- when all things books, candles, and knit sweater-related take up their mantle as symbols of the season -- I'm posting a free download of the first page of Flappers and Philosophers as it first appeared to readers when it was first released 100 years ago in 1920. I hope you enjoy it!

Attached below is a 8x10 size:

And attached below is a 9x12 size:

For larger sizes of the artwork:

Here is the above poster in 18x24 size.

And here is the above poster in 24x36 size.


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