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happy september, everyone!

Normally, I love August. It is the month where summertime is winding to an end, and things are more relaxed as temperatures reach their peak. The city is unusually empty and quiet and peaceful. At the end of the month, I go on an annual trip to upstate New York with my family, which is probably my favorite 7 days of the year, excluding Christmas.

But sometimes, there are years where even your favorite times don't seem so great. This past August, I felt completely overwhelmed in all the worst ways. I am no longer in New York. I was in the midst of planning my long-awaited wedding reception. I was procrastinating to new levels when it came to my job and barely making my deadlines. My trip to the Adirondacks was marred by the fact that my hubby had to work the entire time . . . and then we all got COVID after.

I don't know why I'm writing this. I know that it's not good to complain about things, and that -- in the grand scheme of things -- these complaints are very minor. But I guess my point is that it is nice to have month breaks where you can step back, reset, and and begin the next 30 or 31 days with a fresh mindset. With that in mind, Happy September to everyone.


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