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diy knit earring cuff

Diamond ring with red hair

I am so pleased with how this DIY earring cuff turned out because it is so cute in person. I came up with the idea when looking at ring cuffs in my quest to find a nice wedding band. There were so many pretty options and I couldn't help but wonder why there weren't equivalents for earrings.

So, I brainstormed how that would work, set my mind on an outer ring that could offer decoration, and learned that plain old fashioned washers fit the bill perfectly. Plus, it's removable.

I decided to use a simple white yarn to give this a sort of cozy feel, since it is currently miserably cold with snow still blanketing the ground. However, I've already started on a style with a rattan type of fabric with maybe a tassel for warmer months. For a more glam look, I might try a style with pearls or rhinestones.

The washers that I chose were around 17 mm in diameter. The key is to find one with a hole in the middle that is big enough to allow all the fabric (in my case, knit thread) through. Do not worry if the earring goes through the hole when the washer is still metal. Once the yarn/ribbon/whatever you're using gets wrapped around, the hole will get substantially smaller.

p.s. apologies in advance for the quality of the images. I tried to use my iPhone instead of a proper camera and it definitely shows!


Cost: Under $5

Time: Under 10 minutes


  • 2 washers, available anywhere from Amazon to Home Depot

  • Yarn or other type of material you want to use

  • Pair of earrings you love.


  1. Tie a tight knot around the washer. You can either leave as is, or use glue to secure.

  2. Begin wrapping around the fabric.

  3. Once done, finish with a knot. Again you can glue for extra security if desired.

  4. Place your earring into the earring cuff and then onto your ear.

  5. Feel pretty.

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