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october 2022 desktop wallpaper

Note: This is a repost from October 2021, but with an updated calendar

I love dressing up my tech for each month or season -- it's so cheerful and festive to see during the mid-day grind. My favorite backgrounds generally have a calendar in the center so that I don't have to constantly open my calendar app when making plans. The one I attached above is the current wallpaper on my computer and I thought I would share it for anyone else who enjoys a little fall festivity in the background when working (or web surfing, or Netflix watching).

I want to note that the design is *not* one that I created myself. I found it years ago and though I searched for an embarrassingly long time for the original designer, I did not succeed. However, I hope that since the original was a free download and that I'm likewise not trying to profit of this, the artist will be happy that his or her design is enjoying a long and happy life. That said, I did contribute a little bit: I used different font for October (I wasn't vibing with the old one) and updated the dates so that they fit [2022].


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