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the (semi) weekly article roundup, vol. x

Here are a few of interesting articles that I have come across, either while procrastinating instead of doing work or as part of my research for my job. Some are about culture, some are about the economy, and some are just plain silly -- but I hope that all provide some insight into society today!

In light of the horrifying news that teenage girl suicides and suicide attempts are increasing at an alarming rate, I thought this article on loneliness -- and how its definition and perception has shifted over time -- was very enlightening.

A new social trend is that many Americans, Californians in particular, are decamping to Portugal. In fact, one real estate agent in the Iberian nation estimated that around 95% of his clients are now from the U.S. Here is more on that from the Los Angeles Times.

Thoughts on globalization, and whether "anti-globalization" in in our future, via Goldman Sachs.

Here is something on the lighter side: scientists have allegedly created the "perfect" chocolate, per Smithsonian. Part of this is 3d printing it into shapes that offer the "ideal tasting experience." I am verrrrry curious about this!

Last but definitely not least, here is a wild article titled "Did Virus Hunters Cover Up A Lab Leak?" I'll let that opening speak for itself.


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