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simple diy jute trivet

This is a sweet and simple diy for anyone with who has been spending more time in the kitchen in light of stay-at-home orders or needs an easy craft to stave off boredom.

This diy came from necessity. I needed another trivet after getting creative in the kitchen, but stores are closed and online options understandably would not be shipping for several weeks. I was using scraps of fabric, but wanted a more durable option. My craft drawer had leftover jute, and an idea was born.

Though it's simple, I love the finished product. Kitchens can be so cold, and this adds a homey accent that I really love.

diy simple jute trivet

  • needed items:

  • jute rope

  • cardboard

  • pen or pencil

  • hot glue gun

  • scissors

  • parchment paper

  • heavy object, like a book or cast iron skillet


Begin by wrapping the jute around it other, gluing at short intervals. You do not want to dot the glue in the middle of the rope; rather, do it 3/4 down the width so that only one side of the trivet will have any potential glue residue on its face. I found it was easiest to wrap while keeping it flat on the table. Use parchment paper beneath since hot glue does not stick to it.

You can leave the last small piece hanging; it will be glued against the cardboard.

Once you have wrapped it to the size you want, grab a piece of cardboard (I used an Amazon box) and trace a rough circle that can be the bottom of the trivet.

Glue the trivet to the cardboard, making sure face that is against the cardboard is the only one that has any glue residue; you don't want to accidentally glue your pan to the trivet.

While the trivet is drying, cover it with a heavy object, like a book or cast iron skillet to ensure the jute remains nice and flat.

That's it! Finished!

In terms of review, I have not put anything extremely hot on it yet (like a cast iron skillet coming from a 450 degree oven), but it works perfectly well with frying pans coming off of high heat, plus really looks nice on my counter.


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