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the (belated) weekly article roundup, vol. v

Though the world seems in eternal pandemic stagnation, my life has been unpleasantly busy. Work has been a lot on my plate, as has finally starting on the daunting task of wedding planning -- despite the fact that most things bridal-related are still closed down. Add this to fact that I was out of power for half the week earlier this month, which helped remind me why any and all time travel fantasies are 110% a horrible, bad, no good idea.

That said, I still managed to procrastinate enough to stumble upon some interesting articles. Here have been my favorites.

For anyone wanting to commemorate 2020 with merch that is the ultimate symbol of disaster, look into bidding on real items that were planned to be sold at the infamous Fyre Festival. U.S. Marshals seized everything from baseball caps to joggers to wrist-bands, and proceeds from the auction are going to help those who lost money in the fraud. You can check out the stuff here.

Though shopping for Fyre gear sounds like fun, purchasing from the Jenner girls is definitely less so, after Techround found out that the youngest members of the Kardashian Klan were promoting counterfeit Airpods.

Continuing the shopping theme, did you know that a real antique vampire slaying kit from 1842 is for sale? The gorgeous leather, velvet, and brass kit includes a Bible, no fewer than three crucifixes, a mother of pearl handle knife, a pistol, a bottle of shark teeth, and a glass phial with "contents unknown." But the best item? A miniature marble statue of a wolf wearing robes and carrying Rosary beads! (Found via Live Science.)

If vampires don't freak you out, this fact might: according to New Scientist, the brain will start to *eat itself* if you don't get enough sleep. Hopefully that will inspire anyone reading this to get those full seven hours each night!

Last but not least, did you know that "nut crime" in California is actually a thing? Almonds are reportedly particularly lucrative, and the crimes have likely cost the Golden State millions of dollars. Worse still, the thefts have been linked to both an Armenian power crime syndicate in Los Angeles, in addition to Pakistani terrorist groups *insert horrified emoji face.*


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