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weekly article roundup, vol. ii

Some interesting articles I stumbled across this week:

"If we are ever going to take her is the time." And so begins an email in a wild story about how some eBay executives got so bent out of shape about some negative reviews from a retired couple that they went full-on Godfather on the pair, not only stalking them, but sending them packages of dead pigs.

If you weren't freaked out enough from crazed executives using their Fortune 500 company to stalk two critics and send them chainsaws and dead rats, here's another dose of terrifying news: arctic ice is melting, and scientists are warning that ancient viruses and bacteria that had previously been trapped in ice could infect the global population in yet another pandemic.

Continuing on the theme of arctic life, in certain northern regions in Canada and other countries that extend into the arctic circle like Norway, the sun does not set from April 30 to August 13. This is known as Midnight Sun. Here is a video on the phenomenon and here is an article detailing life in Tuktoyaktuk, Canada's northern-most town.

For those of you who are still stuck indoors thanks to social isolation and spending time drinking wine and playing board games (guilty), here is a fun article detailing how to always win in the classic game Guess Who?

Last but not least, read some timely insights from an African-American cop detailing his views on the police and how those agree or conflict with the Black Lives Matters movement.


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