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weekly article roundup, vol. viii

As always, here is a collection of fun articles that I have come across this week. I might have been watching a bit too much true crime on Netflix, since the theme of these picks looks to have a hidden thread of cheating, potential murder, and discovery.

The first suggestion is in-depth look into the Varsity Blues-esque cheating scandal that rocked the wine world, from Vice.

Next is a piece from Slate that shows how 3d printed guns are becoming more accessible and much more capable of serious damage.

If that wasn't freaky enough, here is a look into how Microsoft patented a chatbot which would recreate your digital persona after you died as a way for friends and family to keep your memory alive. Creepy.

Pet detectives took to the streets of London after a serial killer was deemed responsible for a number of feline deaths in the British capital.

Last but not least, Georgia might make porch package stealing a federal crime. Yes, thank you.


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