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weekly article roundup, vol. x

Through my work as a freelance writer, I often come across interesting articles throughout the week. Here are a few I thought I'd share:

Here's an oldie but goodie personal essay about what it's like growing up in a country (in this case, Soviet Russia) that indoctrinates its population with propaganda.

For those who want to take a peek of the past, this Youtube channel colorizes old footage of urban areas -- even adding sound to give it a true ambience. It's truly incredible to see a glimpse of Copenhagen in 1902 or Paris in the 1930s or Los Angeles in the 1950s.

Apparently, horseshoe crabs are the only animal on earth to contain a special type of blood essential for vaccine development -- including the recent COVID-19 ones. Here is an interesting paywalled article about it in National Geographic (and here is one for free).

This isn't exactly an article, but instead a Twitter thread about a veteran's crazy experience working on a television show with a total sociopathic fraudster running the writing team.

Last but not least, a link to Bad Art Friend, an article in New York Times Magazine that everybody seems to be talking about. For those who don't have a subscription, here's a link to the archived version, which you can ready for free. The basic pith of the article centers on the ethics of taking a real-life event from a friend and turning it into a story. However, there's so much more -- racial conflict, gaslighting, and a reminder that the artistic community, for all its bohemian airs, is as cut-throat as any other.

Note: art attribution in the cover image goes to Cup of Couple on Pexels.


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