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xoxo artwork freebie

I was scrolling on Paper Source in the hopes that they would be offering a major sale (no such luck) and came across a very cute "XOXO" art print. In fact, it was so cute that I immediately went to try to make it for myself since it looked pretty simple to recreate.

I did three different versions, as I couldn't decide on my favorite background and thought I would post them here for anyone else who loves switching in new art prints. The size of the prints are 8x10, so you can print them at home or go to a printing store if you desire a nicer quality. Version #1 is the one used in the header image.

I hope you enjoy them!

Version #1:

Background Image Credit: Pikisuperstar via Freepik

Version #2:

Background Image Credit:

Version #3:

Background Image Credit: Mrsiraphol via Freepik

Note: the header image is originally taken from Paper Source and used to model these diy prints vs. the original


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